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John Wells: In memory of Helen Huff-Bailey’s son. From your friend, Judie Piccola, who shares your grief in sympathy.
John Wells: Beloved son of SEBR’s Florida State Coordinator, Helen Huff-Bailey. A gift from the Directors of Southeast Bloodhound Rescue in support during this unimaginably difficult time in your life.
Abby: Beloved bloodhound companion of Lew Smith and Peggi Carmen. Your friends, Christine & Peter Conlin share your grief and remember Abby with a donation to Southeast Bloodhound Rescue in her name.
Steve Lukefahr: Beloved husband, father and companion of many bloodhounds through the years. Your friends, Dowell & Joan Bates, miss you greatly and offer sympathy to your family.
Todd: Beloved bloodhound companion of Sandra & Peter Kerr. Your friend, Cindy Ware, shares your grief and remembers Todd with a donation to Southeast Bloodhound Rescue in his name.
Jolene: Friend, companion and best friend to Shannon & Tracie Petty and her fellow doggie buddy Gladys

Dixie Girl: In memory of Dixie Girl who brighten and enlightened She was the faithful and loving companion and friend to Bill Williams for many years, but not enough.

Jake & Toby: (The following memorial was written by Mary Griffin in loving memory of her ‘boys’, Sweet Jake who crossed the Bridge June 1, 2004 and Toby Love who cross on March 10, 2005)
For My Sweet Jake and My Toby Love
In memory of my boys whom I
Love and miss more each day.
My boys – gone from my world, but
Never absent from my heart.
Ron Salmon: In memory of Ron Salmon, a true friend and bloodhound fancier. From devoted friend, Susan Veremakis, who will miss Ron’s friendship.
Sir Russell - March 10, '96-Dec.14th '05 Our lives were blessed to have had you with us for nearly 10 years. You were the sweetest, most loving dog we've ever know. Until we meet again... Your paw prints will always remain all over our hearts. Love, Mom and Dad Henry and Donna Turner, dog-brother Waldo, sisters Marcy May and cat Sugarie.

For Nancy & Bruce Haynes - In Memory of Hattie Mae, to short of a time for all the love you gave....and all the love you deserved.

Edgar - October 15, 1998 - Nov 14, 2006
Many thanks to SEBR...  Edgar, you opened my heart with those eyes.   I'll miss you. Love Charles.

CH. Shiloh's Star Spangled Dreamin' "Banner"  - June 17, 2001 - December 15, 2006 A show dog, a therapy dog, an all around loving member of our family. We dearly miss you Banner. Until we meet again, Godspeed....  Molly & Michael Nye  - M&M Bloodhounds

Harley D. Barker - We didn't know you long, but we miss you, and won't forget you.  Donna & Charlie, and the "bloodhound gang"

Lucy's puppies who should have been........... Lucy gave birth to 12 beautiful puppies, who became ill and died. She barely survived. If we had only been "your people" then... Donna & Charlie, and the "bloodhound gang"

In memory of JOE MC CLELLAN. (1-13-07)
Loving Husband, friend to all and especially to his beloved Bloodhounds, Bailey his last working Bloodhound and his constant companion Falco, a beautiful German Shepard. Joe was an active volunteer with Southeast Bloodhound Rescue since its start. He didn't know how to say to no to a bloodhound in need. He felt that they all needed love, affection and a job. Without Joe, many dogs used in Search and Rescue today wouldn't have had the chance to show what they were capable. Above is Joe with his last trainee - Gomer - as he loved to call his buddy formally named Watson. Joe will be sadly missed by all who knew him and the many people and dogs that he has touched over the years. He will be especially missed by his loving wife Pat, his family and all of the members of Southeast Bloodhound Rescue.  Joe....Rest is peace, we will continue your work.

Sydney was a cherished family member of Lew Smith and Peggi Carman.  She arrived at their home at about 6 weeks or so of age, and stayed for well on thirteen years.  She had many friends and co-workers;  Sydney was the first part-time employee of  Sydney grew up at the business, spending much of her time with the partners dogs.

SEBR is deeply saddened to inform you of the death of our director, Joyce Dillon.

Joyce Dillion Memorial Page

In Memory of Woody the Bloodhound, cherished owner of David Fields

In memory of Diana's bloodhound, Hercule Poirot, who passed away in November
Merry Christmas, Love Mom

In memory of Jethro Who passed away on Thursday, February 19th, 2009
He will be sorely missed by his family, Shawn, Alexis and Olga.

"Dixie", June 25, 2001 - June 26, 2007 Black & tan bloodhound loved by Ronald & Marianna Docimo of Valley, AL

Honorary Donation on behalf of Hollis Painter "A Fan of Bloodhounds"  for her birthday present... from Jeanne

In Memory of James White From Molly Nye

In honor of Barbara Klein's,  "lover of bloodhounds" 70th Birthday from Lauren Taylor Didrichsen

In Memory of Peanut Butter Bishop  15 May 1997 - 12 Feb 2009
Born Bloodhound Puppy #4, Peanut Butter Bishop peacefully passed away on 12 Feb 2009. She leaves behind a loving family ( Sean , Carlee, Murphy, Kelsey, Tim & Jim Lawrence ). Although quite a long life for a bloodhound, her time with us was not long enough. Even in her final days, with her nose down on the wooded nature trail, Miss Pea always reminded us that our lives are defined by the paths we choose and the trails we take. You were a great dog and a loyal pal. Ever a force of bloodhound personality, you will be sorrowfully missed, but never forgotten. You ate sausages on Sunday mornings in Wetumpka, & vanilla ice cream in Waterloo. You barked at the UPS Man. You threw slobber in all directions...Thank you for enriching our lives and making us better for having you a part of our family these 11.75 years. You earned your rest.

In Memory of Ellie Mae
February 4, 1998 - June 7, 2011 13 years and 4 months  Loved by Alexis and Shawn Carter
Ellie was born Rebellion Harts The Princess. She was our first bloodhound, and what an introduction to the breed she was. She spent most of her life with her brother Jethro who passed away two years ago and finally is with her again. She was the most ornery alpha female, cost us a fortune in vet bills because of her hobby of eating foreign objects...and was worth every minute of every day that we had with her. Even though she lived longer than most hounds, it still broke our hearts to be separated from her.

In Memory Of WINSTON BROWN BEZTILNY  Dec 12,2000-Mar 8, 2011
 Our angel dog passed away on March 8 due to complications from a large tumor which encompassed his bladder, liver and kidneys. He was a loving companion to our whole family right until the end and he is missed every day. He was and continues to be our angel dog, thank you for bringing him into our lives. Heather (Gordon) Beztilny

In Memory Of Dorothy Murphy Beloved Mother Of Donna Turner & Boone